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Payment policy for group sessions

Group sessions

chanting group

For the online group Voice Yoga sessions, the first trial class is 10€. You can pay here or by bank transfer. It's important that you indicate your name in the concept and email the payment receipt to me at! That way I can send you the link to the session.

Based on my personal experience and as a teacher, I strongly recommend ongoing voice cultivation work. (Here you have links in case you want to read about Voice Yoga, coaching, and my vision of vocal empowerment.)

To support the work of the group, after the trial class, you'll need a class pack (by month, for instance). You can purchase it the same way as the trial class, by bank transfer or here.

The packs are to be used continuously (meaning, a 5-class pack would normally be used in 5 weeks); in case of any changes (a particular day you can't make it to class), changes should be advised with minimum 24 hours of notice. Regular attendance is important for the coherence of the group work. 💜

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