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Mantra Experience

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On March 3, we'll gather at Happy Yoga at 7pm for a kīrtan led by Jane Cecilia, where the voice is a bridge between the mind and the heart.

Kīrtan is a bhakti yoga practice that uses chanting as a tool. 📿 Bhakti is focused on devotion and unconditional love as a way of understanding life. In kīrtan, we chant mantras 🎶 or simply listen, allowing their energy to fill us, allowing the repetition to calm our mind 🧘‍♀️ and allowing the heart to open, releasing tensions and freeing us from worry and stress. ☮️ Beyond the body and the mind, the connection comes through the heart.🫀

It is a simple and sincere experience that brings you closer to truth, beauty, goodness, compassion, and gratitude.

No prior experience is needed to enjoy this practice, just a willingness and an open attitude to enjoy the transformational experience of kirtan. 💜

We hope to see you there to connect with devotion and love, free your voice, and connect with the beauty of the heart! ✨We ask for your help spreading the word to anyone who might be interested in this event.✨

Practical information:

Friday, March 3, 7pm at Happy Yoga, C/ Bruc 7 (metro Urquinaona).

Bring what you’d like to contribute to the altar and please bring something you'd like to share as prasāda.

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