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All of life is a liminal space.

Liminal spaces are spaces that are neither one thing nor the other, threshold spaces. Places like the cave or the shore, the bridge or the airport; moments like half-sleep or dawn, the equinox or the birthday; transitions like a journey or life itself.

Liminal states are states that we can access when we need them, and they are a source of recreational power. They have the power to open up our daily awareness to the field of being that we are, behind the personality and its constructs.

One of the practices that helps us become familiar with this liminality, that helps us to inhabit it, that helps us not be afraid of it but rather to appreciate it, is yoga nidrā. And it's simple, if you want it to be. You do it every night.

It can be ritualized in order to experience it in a different way. It can be practiced in a conscious and accompanied way. This allows you to deepen in the liminal experience of yoga nidrā and the lessons it has to teach you.


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After the wonderful response to the NIDRĀ EXPERIENCE, I am offering Nāda Yoga Nidrā, an intimate experience of the power of nāda, sound,  and the power of Nidrā Śakti, the power of rest.

This journey using sacred sound, chant, and somatic meditation will consist of:

〰️  A vocal resonance practice, connecting with the svaras (notes) and meditating on the sound

💤  A practice of yoga nidrā, the yoga of sleep or psychic sleep

👁️  We will chant a verse from the Devī Māhātmyam dedicated to this power, sometimes known as the goddess of sleep

Yoga nidrā is usually practiced in śavāsana, with the body lying face up, but it is not necessary to use this posture. We will use all the blankets and props needed to achieve a comfortable position for the body. My voice will be your guide to exploring the liminal spaces of awareness in this meditative practice, which will last around 20 minutes.

If you like, you can bring your eye pillow, cushion, etc for the nidrā practice.

After the yoga nidrā practice, we will connect with sound again through chanting. Afterwards, we'll share the snacks everyone brings.


✨We ask for your help spreading the word so this event can reach everyone that might be interested.✨

Practical information:

Sunday, April 16, 6pm at Happy Yoga, C/ Bruc 7 (metro Urquinaona).
Feel free to bring something for the altar if you wish, and something to share as a small snack afterwards.

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