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Jane Cecilia singing kirtan in a park

About me

The voice is a bridge between the mind and the heart.

My motto and my guiding phrase. I'm a yoginī, singer, and musician; voice, mantra, and yoga teacher; creator of Canto Vital; poet, coach, and eternal learner.

I investigate and build my practice based on chant, kīrtan, yoga, classical tantra, and ancestral philosophies from different parts of the world. I include non-violent communication, mindfulness, embodiment, and human psychology as pillars that inform my path.

I have always been sensitive, creative, and curious, questioning everything. I began practicing yoga in 2007, shortly before my first visit to India. Since then I have continued to deepen in the different branches of consciousness and yoga in a broad sense.

I have been trained between Europe, the US, and India in yoga, nāda yoga, rāga, dhrupad, Sanskrit, vocal technique (Estill Voice Training), Veda, mythopoetics, psychology, āsana, prāṇāyāma, meditation, sound art, yoga nidrā, anatomy, shamanism, and other disciplines.


I continue studying constantly and building and channeling my life practice. I collaborate often with other musicians, yoga teachers, therapists, creators, and others to bring more beauty and power into the world.

In 2019 I recorded my first album, ADI, available at Bandcamp and on Spotify. I also share some other recordings and things on my Soundcloud. I am currently recording an album of mantras in Sanskrit.


I teach singing classes and give Voice Yoga workshops, based on my work with Canto Vital. Voice Yoga serves as a vehicle for self-awareness, so that you can express yourself in your full power through liberating your voice. I also work as a Vocal Embodiment Guide, accompanying people in private or group sessions to fully embody their voice.

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