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Jane Cecilia coaching acompañamiento

🕊 Have you ever wanted to make peace with your voice, or learn more about it?

🎭 Do you realize how much connection there is between the voice and our emotions?

💬 How is your relationship with your voice?

🔎 The voice is a very powerful tool, if we know how to use it well. My work is to accompany you so that you can get to know your instrument —your voice— well and so that you can discover 🎁 everything it can do for you.

I have developed different tools focused on discovering, cultivating, and bringing to bloom 🌿 the vocal and energetic bodies. Starting from your current moment and your current relationship with your voice, we'll draw up a road map 🧭 towards your goals. With me, there is no judgement 👐 and you are welcome exactly as you are.

I would love to accompany you in your process. 💜


I explain much more about my vision and work on this page.

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