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The voice of the soul

Your voice is the conduit for your soul. Your body is the foundation of your voice.

Image by Johannes Plenio

Singing means using the voice of the soul. The Spanish word for soul, alma, comes from the Latin anima, which means "current of air, wind, breath; vital principle, life, soul." With your breath, your anima, you sing the truth of your power, you infuse soul into that which needs healing.

In this workshop, we will connect with our truest voice using ancestral techniques from India and other places. Using the breath and intonation, with listening and feeling, and with aspects both reflective and playful, we will work individually and with the group to expand the light that shines through our singing. You will connect with your creative expressivity and learn tools to cultivate it in your daily life.

Everyone can benefit from this experiential workshop. No experience with singing is needed, just a desire to allow yourself to connect to the voice of the soul.

Practical information:

Upcoming dates to be scheduled. If you are interested in this workshop for yourself or your yoga school, get in touch!

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