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The Kuṇḍalinī of Chanting

tanupura with Indian ankle bells on sheepskin

What is kuṇḍalinī? And what relationship does it have with my voice?

If you'd like to experience the answer for yourself, this workshop is for you. If you want to connect with the energetic source of your voice and your power, this workshop will interest you. If you are looking for a space to deepen in your own vibration and perfect its tuning, welcome.

Kuṇḍalinī (like the cakras) is not an ontological entity,
simply existing and waiting for you to discover it.
It's an element of practice – it's a process, not an entity.
Even if we define kuṇḍalinī as “energy” as is so common today,
remember that energy never exists as a thing
in and of itself – it exists as a property of
an active system that achieves something observable.
That is, the concept of “energy” only
makes sense as part of a process.
(paraphrased from Hareesh Wallis's article)

In this introductory workshop, we will dive into some chanting and vibration practices that will bring us closer to a better understanding of kuṇḍalinī in a lived and experiential way. In the practice, you will experience and enjoy fusion with sound through your most personal and intimate instrument: your voice.

Practical information:

Upcoming dates to be scheduled. If you are interested in this workshop for yourself or your yoga school, get in touch! 

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