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Navarātri Experience

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Let's celebrate the start of Navarātri!

We'll learn the Yā Devī mantra, chant kīrtan,

share dinner in the garden, and there will be an Indian market

Navarātri is a nine-day celebration that occurs four times a year, but the most well-known celebration is for Śārada Navarātri, "the nine nights of autumn".  It's an occasion to celebrate the goddess Durgā and her victory over the demons, as related in the Devī Māhātmyam. Part of this longer text is the beatiful Devī Suktam, which includes the Yā Devī chant, so called because many of the mantras in this suktam start with those words, adoring the different aspects of the goddess.

We'll learn part of the Devī Suktam, from the Yā Devī verses, with correct Sanskrit pronunciation and the meaning of the chant. Afterwards, we will do kīrtan and have dinner together in the garden. You can check out the things I brought from Kashmīr and the south of India in case you want to take a piece of India home with you!

Let's make the most of the energy of this time of year to sing and share together! It will be a powerful and deep experience.​

This event is open to everyone (no previous experience needed!). The mantra workshop, kīrtan, and dinner are included.

Please help by spreading the word so this event can reach everyone that might be interested!

Practical information:

Sunday, October 15, 5pm at Casa Verde Barcelona, Ptge. Alt del Turó, 24, 08041 (Guinardó). Bring what you would like for the altar!

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