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Students, clients, and concert participants in their own words

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The beauty of sacred chant springs from Jane's voice, it's like hearing the resonance of the light of the soul. Full of freshness, naturalness, and love for her work, I feel very grateful to be able to learn from her teachings and enjoy the magical atmosphere and the beautiful group she has created.


Jane prepares each class with great love and the desire for us to learn as much as possible. In her first class series, I learned to listen to myself, to want to listen to myself doesn't matter if someone is listening, if I'm embarassed to be heard,  the important thing is that now I know I HAVE A VOICE! and it can be heard in many different ways. Thank you again, Jane, for your singing and for opening up a space for us to explore ourselves.


The teachings of the workshop are very valuable in the process of self-awareness. I loved it! More than anything, it's a beautiful experience to share with others and with Jane's marvellous voice. Very inspiring! I'll be back for sure ❤️


Jane has the unique gift of creating a safe and loving space for our self-expression. Is's wonderful to see how much beauty comes through us when we can be who we are and feel free in the presence of another person. In Jane's workshops, you can experience this and more. Thank you so much for the wonderful Embodied Voice workshop. It's amazing how much you can learn in two hours. Pure inspiration! Thank you.

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