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Regular classes, workshops, and masterclasses

Your voice is the conduit for your soul. Your body is the foundation of your voice.

Classes & workshops

chanting group

My classes and workshops are spaces free from prejudice and expectations,

a place to deepen your connection with yourself, to better know yourself,

and to express yourself from your deepest essence. 

Voice Yoga classes are on hold for now as I focus my work on Embodied Realization.

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Chanting and singing is my main practice, and as a practice, it's not about "what can I do?" but rather "who am I?". It's a journey of self-awareness.

In the singing and Voice Yoga classes, we join sacred chant and somatic practice to take a journey with the voice, the breath, the body, meditation, mantra, and the art of listening. One of the goals is to help you cultivate a vocal practice —and a healthy relationship with your voice.


This course is for you if you want:

  • ​To improve your relationship with your voice; cultivate your expression

  • To dive deep into the śakti (power) of sacred chant and mantra, including correct pronunciation of the Sanskrit and understanding the meaning of the mantras and chants

  • To know, care for, and enjoy your most intimate instrument, your voice

  • To discover and expand your vocal range and your tonal quality and to investigate new vocal possibilities

  • To gain an introduction to (or go deeper into) the integration of the mind, the body, and the voice (the body as an instrument)

  • To change patterns (postural, vocal, energetic, etc.) which will allow you to remove layers and masks to live more aligned with your essence

  • To understand the components of a complete vocal practice (posture, breathing, intonation, articulation, presence, resonance, and listening)

  • To embark on a process of self-discovery and self-inquiry through work with the breath, the body, the voice, and meditation

  • To learn to design your own vocal practice

  • To deepen further in yogic philosophy from a compassionate, non-dual viewpoint

For information on the payment policy for group sessions, click here.



Canto Vital is a method to free the voice and the body. We work with the body and the voice from one feeling —energy united with matter— to take a journey with the voice, the breath, the body, meditation, mantra, and the art of listening. It is the method that forms the foundation for my classes and workshops.


What do we do in Canto Vital? We use different tools to discover, develop, and cultivate the vocal and energetic body. Through developing the body as an instrument, we work with posture, breath, intonation, articulation, presence, resonance, and listening.

The sessions may include, among other things:

  • Awakening, becoming aware of, unblocking, and activating the voice

  • Vocal technique

  • Breath work including yogic practices (prāṇāyāma) and other practices

  • Mantra (pronunciation, meaning, intonation, etc.)

  • Musicality (understanding notes, scales, harmony, etc.) from the point of view of Indian and Western musical traditions

Some Canto Vital workshops:

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