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My work

My work as an artist and teacher is to explore the body as an instrument and the voice as a vehicle for (self)inquiry, (self)discovery, and (self)creation.

Jane Cecilia with eyes closed during bhakti practice
chanting group standing in a circle with arms interlaced

Embodied Realization seeks to help guide you to an experiential understanding of non-duality. These practices facilitate a deeper connection with, and opening to, a felt sense of the fundamental ground of being.

This ever-developing set of practices is aimed at refining your attunement to the clear presence that is always already here. In these sessions, we cultivate embodied safety to fully inhabit the temple of your body, so you can come home to yourself.

tanpura, harmonium, and chanting mala

Canto Vital/The Embodied Voice is a method for freeing the voice and the body, uniting sacred chant with somatic practice.

Voice Yoga is based on the principles of Canto Vital and The Embodied Voice. WIth Voice Yoga, we build a deep practice of work with the vocal and energetic body. The aim is for each person to know themselves —and be able to express themselves in their full power— through liberation of the voice.

various mantra and yoga books

I started teaching yoga in 2015. Over time, singing or chanting mantras has become a central practice for me, along with other yogic practices like āsana, prāṇāyāma, and meditation.

Jane Cecilia in Tiruvannamalai

Concerts including mantra and my own songs, kīrtans (call and response chanting), music for yoga classes/trainings/retreats, music for cacao ceremonies, festivals or other events.

Jane Cecilia coaching acompañamiento

Individual sessions. Personal or vocal coaching.

harmonium inside

Part of my artistic and teaching work includes recording songs and some voice, meditation, and body practices.

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