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I'm in the process of recording my second mantra album, PRAKĀŚA, an 8-song record.
I need your help to make it happen!


harmonium and microphone in India recording studio

You can donate the price of a coffee or lunch, or more if you feel like it. It's very true that no donation is too small—what you can and want to donate will be received very gratefully. If you want to donate directly in euros, you can do so at this link. If you want to donate in US dollars or another currency, you can do so at this link.

You may have already heard me on my first album ADI on Bandcamp or on Spotify, or in a yoga retreat or training, or in a concert or voice workshop… This is a project that I have wanted to do for years and I am very happy that it is finally underway! This is a dharmic project, from the deep heart, something that I am doing because I feel that I need to share it with the world.


Why am I doing this crowdfunding now? I'm doing this to cover part of the costs associated with producing the new album. I like to create quality work and I have sought to collaborate with the best artists to create an album that really stands out, while keeping costs reasonable. We have recorded the Indian part in a studio inside a temple dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi (you can see a short video here): how powerful and beautiful to start recording like this!

And why am I doing a donation-based crowdfunding instead of a reward-based one? I decided to do it this way for various reasons (health and energy, family things and the time I have available to manage the crowdfunding, ...). Right now it would not be feasible for me to undertake a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign because it demands more time for promotion and other things, and I need to focus on doing the album and my other jobs (classes, groups, concerts) the best I can. I trust that this crowdfunding will be successful, without having to sacrifice one one side to succeed on the other.


Entering the Lakshmi studio in Varanasi! The temple itself is to the left of the door to the studio, where the flower seller is sitting. Videos inside the temple are not allowed, so I just filmed the entrance to the studio.

The idea would be to finish the project in the next few months. To do this, I am asking for $3,000, almost half of the estimated costs of the project, which include being able to pay the Indian recording studio and musicians and part of the other costs. Other costs include the rest of the studio time, the musicians, editing, mastering, logistics, and production. The work is being done mostly between Spain (where I live) and India, with a few things being handled elsewhere. I have the help and collaboration of various friends, musicians, and other professionals to make this happen..

















I went to Varanasi in India to record with some incredible musicians (more details below) and take advantage of more accessible studio costs. After the recording in India, we will edit everything we recorded there, record some other instruments, and record the final voices. Then everything will be edited to be properly aligned, the mix is done, and it's all mastered to be able to have the songs ready.

My deep thanks to Lucas Masciano for his friendship, confidence in this project, and his professionalism – your help made this so much easier in so many ways.

Thank you to Sukhdev Mishra ji for helping with the Indian logistics – what a pleasure to be able to count on your friendship and support, in addition to hearing your powerful and expressive violin in my songs!

Thank you to Jaume Catá, tabla maestro, what a “coincidence” that you were in Varanasi to be with your guruji and we were able to record your marvellous rhythms.

Thank you to Anand Mishra for your divine sitar – this project will shine with the Indian glitter of the sound of this instrument, played by such a master as you, Anand.

Thank you to Rakesh Kumar, bansuri professor at the Banaras Hindu University – your lovely flute embellishes the album.

Thank you also to the other Anand, the technician at Lakshmi studio where we recorded in Varanasi: a studio inside a temple dedicated to Lakshmi. It was an amazing experience to record there.

With Sukhdev in the studio!

With Lucas and Anand, just after recording sitar

The recording workspace

I have been singing mantras and doing kirtan for more than seven years, mostly in Barcelona and in India. The path of bhakti yoga has led me to sing in yoga festivals, retreats, trainings, and classes, workshops, concerts; at yoga centers, temples, ashrams, fields, mountains...

This path led me to a new course in my life, and I am so grateful for the experiences I have lived, everything I've learned, the friendships and love shared during these years! And the thousand and one times that we have been able to share and sing together without a price – for me it's so important to hold spaces where money is not an obstacle to practice, spaces open by donation or exchange. Many times this implies some costs (the space, equipment, rehearsal time, etc) but the value of the practice makes it worth the effort. With this project it's similar: I am putting my all into this album so that it will move forward on time and with quality, and everything is done better with help and support.

I could really use your help to pay part of the costs of this project. I want to share this music with everyone and I love to be able to collaborate with people from different countries who provide their vision, their sound, their talent, and their love. I also value being able to help other musicians make a living with their art and their work..

No help is too small or too large. If you want to help me make this project a reality, I will be very grateful. With your help covering part of the project's costs, I can finish it sooner and with better quality, and surely with less stress.

As I said above, the idea would be to finish the project in the next few months. For this, I am asking for $3,000 (almost half of the estimated costs) to be able to pay the Indian part of the project and part of the other costs. If the crowdfunding raises more than this, it would help me pay more of the project costs without having to go into debt.

You can make a donation to help this project move forward. You can also use your donation towards the advance purchase of the album (send me a message to see how!).

And, beyond making a donation you can support me in other ways: taking private classes with me (voice, mantra, harmonium, etc), helping spread the word about my concerts, workshops, and classes, buying my first album ADI for yourself or someone else...

I have already received some small donations and I am very, very grateful to those who have already helped me. If you want to "repeat" and give more, of course I would be incredibly grateful. As I said above, this project comes from the heart (the only way that makes sense to me).

In gratitude, in love, from my heart: thank you.

harmonium and microphone in Indian recording studio
Varanasi boat view over Ganges river
Sukhdev and Jane in the studio in Varanasi
Anand, Jane, and Lucas in the studio
recording deck in the studio in Varanasi
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