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Gift music, gift connection

tanpura, harmonium, and mantra mala

Music is such a powerful tool for connection —

with your center, with your presence, with others...​

You can gift connection in many ways. Here I'll share a couple of options. In addition to being experiential gifts that give and give, these gifts help a working artist reach more people and help keep my work sustainable. Your help matters!


I want these to be accessible to you,
so please get in touch to ask
about pricing options. 

Ideas t​o gift something different:

Gift a class pack — your gift could help someone find their voice, strengthen their connection with it, express themselves and feel better. Singing and music have been shown to have health benefits (for instance, see here and here) and it feels good!

You can also gift someone harmonium classes, music theory classes, voice technique classes, or prāṇāyāma or meditation classes. Gifts that empower!

Gift an album, either digitally or as a CD — my first album, ADI, is available digitally or as a CD on my Bandcamp page. And my next album will come out in 2024 — if you'd like to gift something for the future, you can support my crowdfunding campaign. It's a lovely way to support the artist and get the album as soon as it's finished!

Gift an experience for a group or individual (group of yoga students, group of friends, work group, pregnant mums, new parents). There are many options:

an anti-stress breathing workshop for your team at the office,

an intuitive chanting session for a group of friends or children,

a mantra workshop for your yoga students,

a sung meditation for your expectant friend to connect with her baby,

or an intimate concert for that special group.....

Gift some personal or vocal coaching sessions for someone that needs a private, judgment-free space to explore or get clarity on something in their life. In these sessions I use tools from psychology, non-violent communication, yoga, music, and chant to empower the person to gain clarity on their situation and move forward on their path with more confidence and inner resources.

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